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Mission Mera Mobile Mera Marketing

A Disruptive bottom up approach enabling Completely Free Online Agro and Rural Marketing in India

Digitally Empowering farmers, agro entrepreneurs, self help groups, farmer producer organizations , artisans to do free online marketing of their products/services using their mobiles is main moto of this Movement

The three pillars of Mission Mera Mobile Mera Marketing are

1) Indigenous, responsive, multilingual Web portal highlighting all rural /agro categories for Free digital marketing of rural Products/Agro Products, rural Services and rural Jobs. Developed in latest progressive web technologies most suitable for rural areas as downloading like App is not required but have all features like App. Moreover it is totally free Social Model , facilitating Open Buyer Seller Hub in Rural Domain ,where Rural Sellers/ Buyers can contact each other, establish Market Linkages and go ahead. It is not a closed Business Model like Ecommerce Companies .

2) Creation of back end linkages Hands on sessions of rural stakeholders wiz farmers, self help groups , artisans, rural entrepreneurs are taken on using this platform effectively for posting their own ads as well as for making direct market linkages. These Capacity Building programs are done for them using their own mobiles .Various online programs are also taken for creating these back end linkages with support from various Govt, Non Govt players working in Rural Development Sector. MKCL has developed Hindi videos on how to use for your zero budget digital marketing for this online trainings

3) Creation of front end linkages The various Online/ Offline strategies including AI techniques with support from IIT Mumbai Rural Technology Action Group, Search Engine optimization etc are leveraged to find B2B,B2C linkages for rural products. Now even Big Brands has posted their Buy/Wanted Ads on

More than 70 % direct market linkages are generated by this free but effective humble effort apart from increasing digital foot print of Rural India . Please watch and share this video on Utube at Marketmirchi Utube Channel with rural beneficiaries, farmers, fpos for their Free training to do their Free Digital Marketing .Looking Forward for your valuable support in taking this movement forward as we all are Catalysts for Change.

Success Stories of Rural Sellers & Buyers using Marketmirchi,broadcasted on BBC News

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